12/16/2019: Monday, December 16, 2019

Hi there, I'm the creator and leader of this whole project. What you are looking at here is my development blog. I'll be posting information and notes about my fangame, called

Which I guess, is pretty obvious to you now.

MEMORY is a fangame that takes place in the MOTHER series, right after the events of Earthbound and before Mother 3. You may see some inspiration off of Deltarune in it's artstyle too. Overtime, I've slowly been working on this game all by myself, and as of right now, core development hasn't started. Although a bunch of spritework has been put in, and I'll be glad to show you guys if anything interested we've created that makes our game progress.

So far, you'll only be seeing concepts, mockups, and ideas that may not shown up in the final product of the game. So no promises. Besides, the characters shown will be self inserts with a few things altered to remain our actual identity. We wouldn't want someone to hunt us down, wouldn't we?

Well, as you can see it's kinda a bit too late for these two fellows but, we will get into that next time.

That's pretty much it for now, I'll give you guys something that's worth while in the next blog, I promise.